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I meandered over to Rye, NY to go to the Charity Antique Shop called Twig Antiques. They are very unique because they carry commissioned pieces from estates and pieces from Furniture Sharehouse which they donate proceeds back to Sharehouse. (pay it forward link to my page here). As an interior designer I find it really fun to look for that unusual find.

 Twig blog Outside

I saw 3 pieces that struck my eye because I was volunteering at the Sharehouse when they came in all banged up and the worse for wear. I was really struck at the potential they would have if they were given love, refurbished, cleaned up, restained and painted.

This antique turning shelf came out amazing with the all the different sections for your bowls, knick knacks. The inlaid top was all sanded and stained to its original design. The fact that it turns makes it so much more appealing to be able to reach your dishes or special pieces. You can display different views on different days.  Just think you can keep all your ingredients ready to go to enjoy martinis when your friends pop by!

Twig blog Turning Shelf

This old ornate hand blown crystal glass and painted metalwork with ornate tiny details of hand cut crystal. Have it over your dining table, in your bedroom or entry way for drama. How fun would that be to have this unusual piece.

Twig blog hand blown chandelier

This antique hand painted tray table is actually very old and had to be stripped and sanded on the flat black area, it was in really bad shape. All the flowers along the edges were in pretty good condition. The legs had to be cleaned up. We also found this great Quan Yin lamp that came in all dirty but we cleaned her up and rewired the lamp for use. It is a really great piece for decorating with feng shui design.

Twig blog hand painted tray table

Quan Yin is known as the Goddess of compassion and healing. She is one of the most poplular deities in all of Asia. Her name translates as The One Who Hears the Cries of the World. Her mantra is “Om Mani Padme Hum” which means “Hail the Jewel in the Lotus.”

You never know what a piece that looks all ratty can maybe turn out to be your jewel!. Start cleaning it up, let it speak to you and go for it!!




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