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Jennifer Ellen Frank featured in NY Times

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Can This Living Room Be Saved?

NY Times article where Jennifer Ellen Frank was called in to assess and help redesign a room

Jennifer Ellen Frank provides her years of experience to provide furniture placement (based on Feng Shui intuition), as well as budget conscious furniture suggestions.

Ms. Frank kicked off her shoes (she needed to feel the room with her
feet) and suggested putting the dining room table a few feet down the
wall from the entrance door. When I said I thought that would be a
barrier, she made the same dining room suggestion that Springer
had: put the table in front of the mirror. “It’s weird to walk into a big
empty space.”

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Postcard Rooms

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Ever have all these postcards with kool pics you don’t want to throw out?

Ever go visiting museums, galleries, historical places and buy all these kool postcards in the gift shop? Then you think now what do I do with all of them? How do I display them?

Here’s a really kool idea. Use them as wall paper. Take a whole wall or walls and wallpaper paste and glue them to wall.

postcards 1A

 This one woman decided to take all of her postcards; old and new and paste them on her bedroom walls. You can see it gives it a very cozy feeling in the room and when you can’t sleep just gaze at your marvelous art you created.

 Postcard 3A

This couple decided to put a wall of postcards behind their couch in their living room. Its such a conversation starter. It can bring up memories or just a piece of art you happened to like and wish you could afford to buy. I just think this is such a fun, kool concept.  Think of mingling in photographs or whatever else you’d like to add into your wall. Placement doesn’t have to be percise, just have fun with it!

postcard 2A