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Organize and Transform

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As a designer, I look at how people organize their homes and sometimes I just give a deep sigh of boredom and think “really?”.  Aren’t we all tired of the gray steel cumbersome file cabinets, the black or white plastic trays, the humdrum brown storage boxes?  I know you may not have a choice in an office workspace but to have to submit to the corporate dull decor, but that doesn’t mean your home office storage should be the same. It’s time for a transformation!
I found some fabulous replacements for the typical storage choices. As seen below, instead of the usual wood desk and leather accessories , I found these wooden desk accessories covered with antique mirrored glass from Horchow.
Desk accessories Horchow
Every office needs a file cabinet, but do they have to be plain Jane?! Look at this Greek Key double drawer file box which adds so much character to the traditional two-drawer file cabinets. How chic is this? Let me know if you agree too!
Greek file box 1