Tips for Feng Shui in Your Home Infographic

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FS infographic Marcela copy By Marcela De Vivo Incorporating Feng Shui into your interior design helps bring good fortune into your home and your life. It’s more than just picking pretty furniture and colors for the walls, or adhering to an all-Asian interior design theme with bamboo and Buddha statues. Feng Shui can be easily incorporated into most design styles by simply focusing on balancing various elements and improving energy flow to achieve happiness. Carefully arranged furnishings and accessories, thoughtfully chosen color combinations, and adaptable light levels can make a significant difference in the “qi” or energy of the room. By incorporating Feng Shui principles into your home you can improve the energy in your house and bring luck to your life, while adding the decorative flairs and touches that gives your home personality. Meld your personal sense of style with the Feng Shui-friendly decorating suggestions by following this Soothing Walls infographic below. This helpful guide shows you colors and design elements needed to enhance the energy of each space and will help you improve the positive energy in your home. Whether you need to unblock some aspect of your life, or just need helpful design ideas, this infographic has the right tips to get you started!

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