Imagine a home in which you wake up every day inspired, magnetized, and feeling protected, actualizing your sustained aspirations into the reflection of who you want to be.

Top Reasons You Are Not
Attracting Outrageously

  • Does your home feel blah and is it driving you nuts?
  • Are you stressed out when you walk in the door?
  • Sense of being ungrounded and drifting?
  • Do you feel you don’t fit in and you are not finding community?
  • Feeling unhealthy, blah, and unsettled?
  • Not attracting opportunities from your home or business?
  • Where is my money and/or honey?

With Outrageous Attractions,
You Will...

  • Love your true home and put your roots down!
  • Create an inspired life you belong in!
  • Position yourself to manifest outrageous new and expansive opportunities!
  • Become a reflection of who you want to be!
  • Unleash and release stuck energy in your home and business!
  • Harmonize your environment to be nurturing, safe, energizing, and joyful!
  • Learn how to attract inspiring aspirations and like-minded people!


Jennifer Ellen Frank

Jennifer Ellen Frank is a Feng Shui interior design consultant who integrates both the classical Chinese form of Feng Shui with traditional spiritual practices also connected with Feng Shui.

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Client Success Stories

“When I started working with Jennifer in her Outrageous Attractions offering, I was struggling with creating a space that would inspire and relax the art gallery patron visitor...have them feel comfortable making a decision to acquire a work of art. I wanted them to feel like they belonged as part of my art community. At the end of working with her, I had the perfect design solution that many visitors often comment on the positive effects of the space. They are excited about the art events I am putting together and hanging out with like-minded people. Thank you, Jennifer!”

Allen SheppardGallerist

“My roommate had moved out and I finally had my apartment to myself. But I could not figure out where things belonged. I couldn’t pick out a color for my walls. Nothing felt quite right. Maybe I didn’t belong there anymore. I couldn’t figure it out.

It had been about ages since my last consultation with Jennifer. Her last one had made a huge difference in my life - bringing in career opportunities and relationships. I was putting in the fixes the last time on a Friday night at 10pm when a client called. Literally, money was coming in as I was fixing my wealth corner. Talk about outrageous levels of attraction!

One day I remembered that my apartment building had a new roof, and I knew that it changed the building. Jennifer did her consultation and sure enough, the locations for aspects of my life had shifted within my apartment. My desk was in the wrong spot. The paint colors did need to shift. The new roof and some other changes to the apartment complex had shifted for the better and I could really take advantage of it.

Much of it is just swapping things around and were simple fixes. I’m still making them, but I already feel more comfortable. I have a sense of direction, and am calmer. My home is going to look fresh, updated and super functional. I can’t wait to share the changes and opportunities over time!”

Deborah BrozinaFilmaker

“New York City can be incredibly exciting with all of its culture and diversity. And yet the excessive amounts of noise, overcrowding, exorbitantly high rents and fleeting connections both personal and professional can also make life in the city feel especially harsh. I wanted to belong and feel connected. Even though I moved into a nice apartment by New York City standards, it still reflected the cold impersonal qualities of the city that I was having difficulty with.
Jennifer literally transformed my living space. She began by devising a more harmonious flow in the arrangement of my furnishings. She then helped me to choose a palate of comforting colors to paint the walls that give my living space a nurturing earthy quality. With the addition of plants, I felt that much more connected to nature. I started to attract friendships and new business clients that aligned with me.
I am forever grateful to Jennifer and her creation of Outrageous Attractions for helping me to create a place of refuge in the midst of the big city to come home to ..a space where I could reflect, meditate and create.”

Ben OofanaHealing and Personal Development

“Jennifer has been a huge influence in my life. I was lucky to find someone who cares. Since 2011, I have had Jennifer work in four places. Two apartments, my theater workspace, and last month a new home. Each time I've worked with Jennifer, magical things have happened. I started out really desiring a love relationship, a warm inviting home, and having a theater company of my own making with a community of peers wanting to create on common ground. Voila! it all happened. Met my guy within months of my first consult and we are still together. I then put together a now well-respected theater company in NYC. I just acquired a new home in a different state and instantly contacted her to do her Outrageous Attractions sessions. My boyfriend and I are loving it. And by the way, people love my spaces, they can feel the energy change unconsciously. I can't thank her enough!”

Chris HenryRoyal Family Productions