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Do you know how many people feel stuck in their life and don’t know where to turn? With Outrageous Attractions, they will have a life where they leap out of bed and approach each day with gusto! feeling joyfully inspired, realizing “Oh my gosh I’m living the life I always wanted.”

Virtual Video Consultations

What to do?

Schedule an Appointment
Provide the Address of Property
Floor Plan Preferred (professional or hand-drawn via email)
Mark where North is using a phone compass
Pictures from all 4 corners looking in of the rooms
Pictures of the outside looking at the house or office
Video Chat (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime) on Portable Device (iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, laptop, etc.)

Once on the video chat, you will simply “walk” me through your space with your mobile device.
You will then learn how your home or workplace has been affecting your situation and how it may be undermining or helping you reach your goals. We will then discuss options to alter your environment to bring about your desired changes and increase your general well-being or that of your business

In-Person Consults

Schedule at least a half day with me. I will go over what I will need beforehand and what to expect when I arrive to do the consult. Expect to be Wow’d.

Outrageous Attractions Offering

Three Sessions if done Virtually, Two Sessions if done In-Person

  1. Read the Residential and/or Office Consults Description
  2. You will be provided with a form to fill out extensively and we go over it all.
  3. Do the feng shui (see below Residential and/or Office)
  4. Go over the big reveal
  5. I will be your accountability partner, coach, throughout the process!


A home and its environs reflect both the internal and the external aspects of a person’s life. A home is a holistic representation of its users’ life in which every individual part mirrors the entirety of their life situation. The surrounding topography and landscape, for example, play a fundamental role in determining the level of success, renown, wealth, and longevity an individual or family will be able to harness in that location.

The shape of the structure and the internal layout of rooms and spaces are often reflective of personal issues in its occupant’s life. Career, prosperity, health, family dynamics, spirituality, or public recognition are all reflected in the layout and footprint of the space. In addition, their more internal or subconscious aspects are also reflected in the darker spaces of the home such as the basement, attic, or closets. Other qualities of the home environment also play a role in determining and influencing daily living. The degree of clarity or enlightenment that a person or family have achieved, for example, is reflected in the quality of light and the brilliance of feeling in the home. Sadness, depression, or trauma can often be seen in tortured layouts, dark corridors, congested closets, or excessive clutter.

A feng shui analysis of a home consists in a two-fold search for positive factors that can support and enhance the occupants’ prosperity, career, health, and personal potential, while simultaneously seeking to identify any negative factors that may be impinging on their success. The objective of this analysis is to activate and enhance the positive aspects of the home while also seeking to eliminate or, at the very least, neutralize the negative ones. I will be your accountability partner, coach, throughout the process!

Office Consults

Office spaces whether in the home or different location, they are one of the main applications of feng shui practice, and it is in this context that some of our best work can be accomplished. Feng shui methods can contribute to the fame and recognition of the enterprise, its financial and monetary prowess, and its competitiveness and influence. They can also create synergies between business, community, and the environment.

In order to do this, I look at the configuration of streets and roads leading to the site, the disposition and orientation of the structure, and the flow of vital energy that nourishes the various activities contained therein. By promoting proper flow and alignment, opportunities are encouraged, potential is maximized, and prosperity is enhanced. In addition, we have specialized techniques for promoting new business, enhancing client satisfaction, and increasing staff efficiency.

These are some of the areas in which feng shui and geomancy can be of use to your business:

Improving the Bottom Line:

    • Enhancement of your prosperity
    • Cures for blockages, imbalances to energy flow, “stuck” energy and stagnation
    • Optimal placement for functions, furniture and personnel

Increasing Personal or Institutional Potential:

    • Analysis and enhancement of your power base
    • Augmenting your fame and recognition
    • Making the most of your connections and networks

Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction:

    • Analysis of staff and client potential
    • Cures and enhancements to efficiency and productivity
    • Optimization of office and production layout
    • Creation of wholesome, balanced working environments
    • Coordination of design: color, materials and energy flow

Pandemic Touch Ups

Been stuck at home to long? Place looks and feels chaotic? Need a touchup to increase the flow once and again?

Home Builders

I can help your organization, build a community of harmony and balance for all of its residents. At the site acquisition process to ensure that the land they look to acquire has positive Feng Shui. I look at the energy flow of a property and particularly focus on its energy flow in the streets, rivers, electrical lines, etc. To provide a more efficient solution for the developer, I can assess the site, building, unit and look at the designs of the landscaping architects. This will minimize the amount of time required in the later design stages in modification of designs without Feng Shui in mind. The layout of buildings along streets and the use of open space is quite important to Feng Shui. Often-referenced concerns include corner lots and T-intersections. To make sure that the overall community designs provide for positive Feng Shui for the developer and future tenants

Buying and Selling home

Feng shui is a master tool for selling (and buying) properties. Selling a property with feng shui is easy and very efficient – if you make sure that the key aspects of feng shui are covered almost any property can be sold very quickly. There are several important factors that will always affect the sale of your home or business – the three most important being geopathic stress, ghosts/spirits and emotional attachment (the unwillingness of people to move or change).

Sacred Space

Part of Feng Shui is to look at creating a sacred space. Do you have a space in your home that is dedicated to you and your own personal practice? You may use this space for meditation, yoga, journaling, or pure relaxation. No matter what, this is a sacred space: a space meant to let you focus your mind and body. A sacred space allows you to connect to source energy. Using the feng shui principles will allow the chi to flow flawlessly.

Space Clearing & Blessing

Clearing your space for unwanted energies by determining if there are any disturbed earth energies present, and how they can be mitigated. Also determining if there are any disturbing metaphysical energies present and having them cleared. I can provide space clearing services to help empty a home or office of this negative Chi to provide for a fresh start.

Our interactive house blessing ceremony is a wonderful way to enliven the energy, connect with yourself on a soulful level and bring new focus to your goals with a personalized guided visualization for each area of your life.

Organizing and Decluttering

Create organizing systems for your home, get rid of clutter once and for all, optimize your paper flow, and reduce stress and frustration! From one-room makeovers to whole-house overhauls, I will help you become clutter-free. develops custom organizing systems for your space and in the process will help you live in a calm and orderly home.

Interior Design

Interior Design with feng shui principles. Doing the Feng Shui bedroom is very important in the interior design plan. I can provide on-site and remote consultation services on interior paint colors, furniture, artwork, trim, and other decorations. The goal is to enhance harmony and balance through Feng Shui while not impeding traffic flow, orientation, height, and volume. By the way Feng Shui designed homes don’t need to look like Chinese restaurants.


With feng shui we can ensure that your time, money, and energy is well-spent should you be getting ready to do some remodeling or building a new addition. Before plans are finalized, make the biggest impact by ensuring architectural and structural Feng Shui issues are addressed. Before paint and texture coatings are purchased, get advice to ensure that they align with the Feng Shui of the home or office.